How to Setup an Open Street Map Tile Server under Ubuntu 18.04 in a Proxmox Container

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Open Street Map is a well know, open source (and crown sourced) alternative to the likes of Google Maps and Bing Maps. Open Street Maps content (ie: maps) are provided to users and applications by what are known as Tile Servers. This tutorial will show you how to setup an Open Street Map Tile Server of your own in a Linux Container running Ubuntu 18.04 under Proxmox. Furthermore we'll use the built in and simple Map Viewer. This means that this container can provide map tiles to other applications (such as an ADS-B Virtual Radar Server) as well as providing its own native Google Maps -like capability all while being totally disconnected from the internet.

Install Prerequisites

  1. Log into your machine as a sudo capable user
  2. Make sure your system is up to date by running
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade
  3. Ensure your locale is set to UTF-8 by running
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
    and selecting en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 on both screens
  4. Install the Open Street Map repository by running
    sudo apt install software-properties-common
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:osmadmins/ppa
  5. Install the packages we'll need by running
    sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib postgis postgresql-10-postgis-2.4 osm2pgsql libapache2-mod-tile renderd curl unzip gdal-bin mapnik-utils libmapnik-dev nodejs npm ttf-dejavu fonts-noto-cjk fonts-noto-hinted fonts-noto-unhinted ttf-unifont
    • When prompted, choose Yes to "enable mod_tile in the apache config"
  6. Install the node.js Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler by running
    sudo npm install -g carto
  7. Setup our database by running
    sudo -u postgres -i
    and then from within the postgres prompt running
    createuser osm
    createdb -E UTF8 -O osm gis
    psql -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;" -d gis
    psql -c "CREATE EXTENSION hstore;" -d gis
    psql -c "ALTER TABLE spatial_ref_sys OWNER TO osm;" -d gis
  8. Create our Tile Server user and get into his home directory by running
    sudo adduser osm
    su - osm
    1. Download a generic OSM mapnik style by running
    2. Uncompress the style by running
      tar xvf v*.tar.gz
    3. Download a PBF map file by running
      wget -c
      • This tutorial is downloading only the state of Georgia in the US
      • You can download the entire planet's PBF file here or select individual states and countries here.
    1. Import your PBF file by running
      osm2pgsql --slim -d gis --hstore --multi-geometry --number-processes 2 --tag-transform-script /home/osm/openstreetmap-carto-4.21.1/openstreetmap-carto.lua --style /home/osm/openstreetmap-carto-4.21.1/ -C 3072 /home/osm/georgia-latest.osm.pbf
    2. Move into the carto directory by running
      cd /home/osm/openstreetmap-carto-4.21.1
    3. Get shapefiles by running
    4. Build your Mapnik xml stylesheet by running
      carto project.mml > style.xml
    • You're going to see lots of Warnings. this is ok. Your tile server will work fine.
    1. Get back to your sudo user by running
  9. Modify the renderd config file by running
    sudo nano /etc/renderd.conf
    and setting the following variables
    	set "num_threads=4" #set to the number of CPU Core's you have.  This can be found under the Resources section of your Promox Container on the Proxmox web GUI
    	set "plugins_dir=/usr/lib/mapnik/3.0/input"
    	set "font_dir=/usr/share/fonts/truetype"
    	set "find_dir_recursive=true"
    	set "XML=/home/osm/openstreetmap-carto-4.21.1/style.xml"
  10. Edit renderd's daemon script by running
    sudo nano /etc/init.d/renderd
    and setting the following
    set "RUNASUSER=osm"
  11. Make osm the owner of the mod_tile library by running
    sudo chown osm:osm /var/lib/mod_tile/ -R
  12. Reload the daemon scripts by running
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  13. Restart renderd with the new osm user by running
    sudo systemctl restart renderd
  14. Edit Apache's tile server configuration by running
    sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/tileserver_site.conf
    and setting the following variables
    set "ServeName YOURSERVER.COM"
    #ServerAlias</nowiki> #comment out this line
  15. Modify the slippymap.html page by running
    sudo nano /var/www/osm/slippymap.html
    and setting the following
    <title>MY NEW COOL TITLE!</title>
    var lat=MY.START_LAT
    var long=MY.START_LONG
  16. Delete Apache's default landing page by running
    sudo rm /var/www/index.html
  17. Create a new redirect page so that when people visit http://YOURSERVER.COM they get to the interactive slippymap page by running
    sudo nano /var/www/index.html
    and filling in the file with
    		<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://YOURSERVER.COM/osm/slippymap.html" />