How To Setup a Novatel MiFi 2200 as a USB Modem in DD-WRT

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Under Construction

There are a couple good reasons to connect a router to your 3G Wireless HotSpot

  • Get advanced routing features such as static IPs, port forwarding, and MAC address filtering
  • Get around the 5 client limit on the MiFi wireless network
  • Take advantage of the better wifi antennas on a traditional router for longer wifi range
  • Take advantage of the wired network ports on a traditional router

This article will be based on using a Sprint Novatel MiFi 2200 3G USB Modem/Hot Spot & A D-Link DIR-632 Router.

  1. Log into your MiFi by joining the MiFi wireless network and pointing your web browser to
    1. Find your username in the settings (
    2. Have your password available as well
  2. Install DD-WRT on your router
  3. Log into your router by connecting to the router using an ethernet cable and directing your web browser to
    1. Navigate to Administration -> Management & enter in a
      1. "Router Username"
      2. "Router Password"
      3. "Re-enter to confirm" password
      4. Click "Save" & then "Apply Settings"
    2. Navigate to Wireless -> Basic Settings & enter a "Wireless Network Name (SSID)"
    3. Navigate to Wireless -> Wireless Security and select a
      1. "Security Mode" (I recommend WPA2 Personal)
      2. "WPA Algorithm" (I recommend TKIP+AES)
      3. "WPA Shared Key" (this is the password to your wireless network)
      4. Click "Save" & then "Apply Settings"
    4. Navigate to Setup -> Basic Setup and
      1. select "Mobile Broadband" for "Connection Type"
      2. enter your username from your MiFi for "Username"
      3. enter your Sprint password for "Password"
      4. select "#777 (CDMA/EVDO)" under "Dial String"
      5. select "3G first, on error 2G" for "Connection type"
      6. Click "Save" & then "Apply Settings"
    5. At this point I'd power cycle the router for good measure
  4. Plug in the MiFi 2200 to the USB port on the router using a Micro USB cable
  5. At this point the MiFi 2200 should become a USB Modem instead of a Wireless HotSpot. The MiFi wifi network should disappear and any computer connected to the router's wifi should now be able to reach the internet.
  6. Unplugging the MiFi from the router will re-enable the HotSpot.