How to Change All Text to TrueType in Altium PCB Designer

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When starting a PCB layout in Altium it typically defaults to "Stroke" font. This is antiquated, space inefficient, and plain ugly. Most modern board fabrication houses support the use of TrueType fonts. Any easy way to make your board look a lot clean and more readable is to switch from the Stroke font to a TrueType font (such as Arial). Recently I had to modify a board someone else had made. The fonts were Stroke. Here is a procedure to take all text boxes on the board and change them from Stroke to TrueType.

Click on the image at the bottom to open it up larger

  1. Open up the PCB Filter to select only the relevant objects on the board
    1. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click "PCB" and then "PCB Filter"
    2. On the PCB Filter window that has opened:
      1. Under the "Select objects to highlight" pane, check the boxes for Text: Comp and Text: Free
      2. Under the "Layer" pane, check the boxes for Top Overlay and Bottom Overlay
      3. Hit the "Apply to All Button"
    3. This should now have greyed everything out on the board except text on the Top Overlay and Bottom Overlay.
  2. Select all of these objects by clicking anywhere on the PCB and hitting Ctrl-A to highlight everything
  3. Open up the PCB Inspector to make our changes
    1. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click "PCB" and then "PCB Inspector"
    2. Scroll down under the "Graphical" section and click the field to the right of "Text Kind"
    3. Change this to "TrueType Font"
    4. Optionally you can change the "TrueType Font Name" field from "Arial" to whatever font you want
  4. To undo the specific selection, go back to the PCB Filter pane and hit the "Clear" button in the bottom left corner.

That's all there is to it!

Truetype 1.png