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(Notes & Fun Facts)
(Notes & Fun Facts)
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**Thunder 1E6
**Thunder 1E6
**[https://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/convert/torch/T1136 Torch T1136]
**[https://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/convert/torch/T1136 Torch T1136]
*Tube Valves
**TR87 (short), TR87C (medium), and JS244/A 90 degree bent Schrader valves work on the front wheel.
**TR87 (short) and TR87C (medium) 90 degree bent Schrader valves work on the front wheel (but not JS244/A)

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Notes & Fun Facts

  • The Champion doesn't take Gear Oil. The sticker on the bike is there in error or is a poor translation
  • The Champion has a Wet Clutch and requires T4 Motorcycle Oil
  • Bobcat's Motorsports recommends breaking in the engine with Conventional Oil
  • There are various recommendations of 10W30, 10W40, & 15W40 weight oils. Any are probably fine so long as they are 4 stroke "wet clutch rated". 10W40 4T Conventional Motorcycle Oil during engine break-in and then a 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is what I'm going with.
  • Oil Capacity = 800ml = 28.16oz
  • Odometer is Kilometers
  • Key Blank options (maybe... based on info found on 'the net'. not all tested)
  • Right hand mirror is reverse threaded
  • Factory Tire PSI = 36psi
  • The bike has an auto-shutoff feature. If the engine is off, and you leave the key in (in the on position) it will, eventually turn off to conserve battery. You can electric start the bike after turning the key off and back on again.
  • The bike has a kick start and the headlight operates direct from the alternator. You can operate the bike with a dead battery (or no battery at all)
  • Top Yoke Nut (Stem Nut) is sized M22x1.00. The inner diameter of the hollow Stem is approximately 15mm.
  • The Gas Tank holds a total of 3300ml (3.3L, 0.87gal) of usable fuel (this is the main + reserve). The main fuel capacity is 2600ml (2.6L, 0.69gal). The reserve capacity is 700ml (0.7L, 0.18gal). This was tested by me by filling up the tank to the brim and the draining and measuring first the main fuel line, followed by the reserve fuel line. Note that a very small amount of fuel, that the reserve port cannot access, remains in the tank after draining in this manner.
  • Purpose Built Auxiliary Fuel Tank Options
  • Fuel Line size is 5mm or 3/16"
  • The Stem or Yoke tube is threaded M22x1.00 and the ID is 15mm. This Open Stem Nut fits if you want to expose the hollow tube to, perhaps, mount accessories (although it is slightly taller than the exposed threads on the Tube so the nut will extend 2-4mm above the tube depending on whether or not you use the factory washers)
  • Standard Chain is a 420 series, but 428 series works and has more tensile strength. Both are 1/2" pitch length.
  • Stock gearing is a 16 tooth front sprocket & 32 tooth rear sprocket
  • Unlike the original CT70 and many clones, the Icebear Champion PBZ125-2 uses a bolt type rear sprocket (clearance holes, no tabs sticking out)
  • Front Suspension Max Compression is approximately 2.66"
  • Manufacturer recommended
    • chain tension is 15-25mm (0.59-0.98")
    • cold valve clearance is 0.05mm (both intake & exhaust)
    • brake pad wear limit is 1.5mm
    • battery voltage is 12.8VDC
    • spark plug gap is 0.6-0.7mm (0.024-0.028")
    • front brake lever play is 10-20mm (0.39-0.79")
    • rear brake pedal free play is 20-30mm (0.79-1.18")
    • tire pressure is 175kPa (25 psi)
    • minimum factory tire tread depth is 1.6mm (.06")
    • tire ply rating (PR) 3.5-4.1
    • idle speed = 1500 +/- 150 RPM in Neutral
    • fuel should be 91 (R+M)/2 Octane or higher (any many users recommend ethanol free)
  • Spark plug recommendations from the manufacturer
  • Tube Valves
    • TR87 (short), TR87C (medium), and JS244/A 90 degree bent Schrader valves work on the front wheel.
    • TR87 (short) and TR87C (medium) 90 degree bent Schrader valves work on the front wheel (but not JS244/A)


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Manufacturer Specs

Manufacturer Specifications
Engine 125cc, LC152FMI, Loncin
Transmission International 4 Gears
Drive type Chain
Belt and/or chain size
Starter System Electric / Kick
Fuel system Gasoline, 1.7 0.9gal,carbureted
Brakes (Front/Rear) Disc / Drum
Tire size(Front/Rear) 3.50-10 / 2.75-10 3.50-10
Wheel size and type(Front/Rear) 10, Steel
Oil capacity and type (in liters) 0.8L, air cooled motorcycle oil with clutch additive
Gear oil type and capacity( in liters) N/A
Battery 12V/4Ah
Lights Standard lights
Suspension(Front/Rear) Dual forks / dual shock
Dimensions(in inches) Assembled(LxWxH): 65"x22.6"x39", crated(LxWxH): 53"x18"x33", seat height: 29.1", wheel base: 41.8"
Weight 265 171 lbs
Weight capacity 312 lbs
Ground clearance (in inches) 4.9
Assembly required Handlebars, mirrors, headlight, front wheel, front fender, shift lever, battery
Special features EPA approved

Stock Parts Info

  • Carburator
    • Part Number: PZ19
    • Engine Opening O.D.: 19mm
    • Bolt Hole Spacing (engine side) : 48mm (on center)
    • Air Filter Mount: 35mm
    • Style: Round bowl with cable choke
  • Headlight Bulb Style: S2
  • Oil: 10W30, 10W40, 15W40 with no additives (ie: get basic oil or 4T Motorcycle oil)

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