Angels Tigris

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The Angels Tigris is a Space Marines chapter I developed in the 1990's for Warhammer 40k.

You can see a gallery of the miniatures in my army on my photos site: steamPhotos.

The primary colors for the army are

Old Citadel 2 New Citadel 1 Vallejo Game Color 3 Reaper 8 Coat D'arms 10 Army Painter 11 Scale 75 13
Blazing Orange 61-07 Troll Slayer Orange Orange Fire 008 Phoenix Red 9005 Burnt Orange 147 Mythical Orange WP1442
Chaos Black 61-51 Abaddon Black Chaos Black / Black 051 Pure Black 9037 Black 102 Matt Black WP1101
Skull White 61-54 White Scar Dead White 001 Pure White 9039 White 101 Matt White WP1102 White Matt
Dwarf Flesh 61-21 Ratskin Flesh Dwarf Skin 041 Rosy Skin 9068 Dwarven Flesh 124 Barbarian Flesh WP1126
Bleached Bone 61-17 Ushabti Bone Bonewhite 034 Yellowed Bone 9143 Bone 112 Skeleton Bone WP1125 Golden Skin Matt
Boltgun Metal 61-57 Leadbelcher Gunmetal / Gunmetal Metal 054 Shadowed Steel 9052 Gun Metal (142) Machinegun Metal WP1221 Petroleum Grey

The information in this table was derived from this source.