How to Install Scrapy in 64-bit Windows 7

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  • Scrapy must be installed with Python 2.5, 2.6, or 2.7 (NOT 3.x)
  • Python 2.7 (and 3.2) do not load the correct 32-bit compatible Windows Registry Keys

Install Procedure

  1. Download & install Python 2.7.2 (using the Windows Installer) from
  2. Go to the Search programs and files bar at the bottom of the start menu and type "regedit" and hit enter
  3. Using the left pane navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python" & click on it (highlighting it in blue)
    1. With the branch selected go to File --> Export
    2. Save the file somewhere you can get to it easily
    3. Open the file in your favorite text editor
    4. Insert "\Wow6432Node" inbetween "SOFTWARE" and "\Python" on every line (an easy way to do this is to do a find and replace with "SOFTWARE" in the Find Field and "SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node" in the Replace Field
    5. Save the file
    6. Navigate to where you saved said file and double click on it to initiate a Registry Modification
  4. Now download the Scrapy 0.14 Windows installer from
  5. Double click the Scrapy Installer and everything should work fine.
  6. Download and install Twisted 11.1.0 for Python 2.7 64 bit from
  7. Download and install Zope.Interface
    1. Download from (right click & save), then double click it to install
    2. Download zope.interface-3.8.0-py2.6-win-amd64.egg from
    3. Open a command prompt (type "cmd" into the same Search programs and files pane as above) and navigate to your Python Scripts folder (something like "cd C:\Python27\Scripts")
    4. type "easy_install C:\Downloads\zope.interface-3.8.0-py2.6-win-amd64.egg" (replacing C:\Downloads\ with wherever you downloaded Zope.Interface to) and hit enter
  8. Download and install‌exe from
  9. Download and install from
    • When it asks you to navigate to a Python 2.6 Directory, just point it to your Python 2.7 Directory (C:\Python27 by default)
  10. Install w3lib
    1. Open a command prompt (Start -> Search programs and files -> "cmd")
    2. Navigate to your Python Scripts Folder (nominally "C:\Python27\Scripts")
    3. Type "easy_install w3lib" and hit enter
  11. Now we just need to add the Python Scripts folder to the System Path so we can use scrapy
    1. Click the "Start Menu" button and Right Click on "Computer" and select "Properties"
    2. Click "Advanced system settings" in the left bar
    3. Click "Environment Variables..."
    4. Find the "Path" variable in the (lower) System variables Pane and double click on it
    5. Click in the "Variable value:" pane and hit the "End" button
    6. Type, or paste, ";C:\Python27\Scripts\" (modify for wherever you installed Python) at the end of the line
      • Be sure not to disturb or change any of the existing information there
    7. Hit OK, OK,OK, X
  • You MIGHT have to install PyWin32. I did so in an effort to fix another problem as it was recommended by the Scrapy Installation Guide. Although it didn't fix the problem I was targeting it may have prevent other problems from arising. Install PyWin32 if you are having problems
    1. Download from
    2. Double click the downloaded file & install the software