How to change the name of a WILDSTAR4 project

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This guide explains how to change the name of your WILDSTAR4 project. It will assume that your original project is called 'lvds_example' and targets IOPE0. It will assume that your new, desired, project name is 'XYZ_radar' and also targets IOPE0.

You may want to reference the article on How to move a WILDSTAR4 project if you don't want your brand new project to be located in the annapolis/wildstar4/examples directory.

1.) create a directory called 'XYZ_radar'

2.) copy all of the files (the host, simulation, and synthesis folders) from 'lvds_example' to, the newly created 'XYZ_radar' directory.

3.) Navigate to XYZ_radar/host/source
     a.) Rename 'lvds_example.c' to 'XYZ_radar.c'
     b.) Open 'makefile' and modify section 2. to read

     FILENAME = XYZ_radar
     OBJECTS = XYZ_radar.o ws4_shared.o

4.) Navigate to XYZ_radar/simulation
     a.) Rename 'iope_lvds_example.vhd' to 'iope0_XYZ_radar.vhd'
     b.) Open the newly renamed 'iope0_XYZ_radar.vhd' and rename the architecture. The new architecture start and end lines should look something like this

     architecture XYZ_radar of iope is
     end architecture XYZ_radar;

     c.) Go ahead and change the comments at the top of the VHDL file as well.

5.) Navigate to XYZ_radar/synthesis and rename the 'iope' folder to 'iope0'

6.) Navigate to XYZ_radar/synthesis/iope0/xst
     a.) Rename 'iope_lvds_example.prj' to 'XYZ_radar.prj'
     b.) Rename 'iope_lvds_example.scr' to 'XYZ_radar.scr'
     c.) Rename 'iope_lvds_example.ucf' to 'XYZ_radar.ucf'
     d.) Open the newly renamed 'XYZ_radar.prj' file and change the 1st line to point to iope0_XYZ_radar.vhd

     vhdl WILDSTAR4_LIBRARY ../../../simulation/iope0_XYZ_radar.vhd

     NOTE: If you have moved your project you will need to modify the reference to iope.vhd as well. See How to move a WILDSTAR4 project for details.
     e.) Open the newly renamed 'XYZ_radar.scr' and change the references from iope_lvds_example to iope0_XYZ_radar. Lines 9-17 should look like the following

     -ifn iope0_XYZ_radar.prj
     -ofn iope0_XYZ_radar.ngc
     -ifmt vhdl
     -ofmt ngc
     -top iope
     -work_lib WILDSTAR4_LIBRARY
     -p xc4vfx100ff1517-10
     -xsthdpdir .

     f.) 'XYZ_radar.ucf' does not require any internal modification for renaming. However you will want to modify it if you extend the functionality of some WILDSTAR4 code.
     g.) Open 'makefile' and change line 11 to read

     FILENAME = iope0_XYZ_radar