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This article describes how to mount a Network Share inside an Unprivileged (or Privileged) Linux Container (LXC) in Proxmox. This is non-trivial because Unprivileged LXC Containers do not have the privileges available to directly mount network locations. The work around involves mounting the network share on the Container Host and then binding the mount folder on the host to a folder in the Container.
'''Note that Unprivileged containers will only be able to read from Network Shares.''' Privileged containers will be able to read from and write to Network Shares. You cannot modify the Privilege of a container once it is made. If can restore a container in either Privileged or Unprivileged mode. Converting a container from Unprivileged to Privileged should be fairly straight forward. The reverse isn't always true because there are files on a Privileged container that cannot exist on an Unprivileged container. This [ thread] describes some of these issues.

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