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Icebear Champion PBZ125-2 Info

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Notes & Fun Facts
* Top Yoke Nut (Stem Nut) is sized M22x1.00. The inner diameter of the hollow Stem is approximately 15mm.
* The Gas Tank holds a total of 3300ml (3.3L, 0.87gal) of usable fuel (this is the main + reserve). The main fuel capacity is 2600ml (2.6L, 0.69gal). The reserve capacity is 700ml (0.7L, 0.18gal). This was tested by me by filling up the tank to the brim and the draining and measuring first the main fuel line, followed by the reserve fuel line. Note that a very small amount of fuel, that the reserve port cannot access, remains in the tank after draining in this manner.
*Purpose Built Auxiliary Fuel Tank Options
**[ 1L Champion Auxiliary Fuel Tank] that bolts to the frame left of the seat
**[ Sharkbite's Custom Mini's 1gal Auxiliary Fuel Tank] that bolts under the luggage rack

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